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Top 5 Ways to Generate Qualified Leads for Your Small Business

Do you ever wonder if you could be doing a better job marketing your small business or professional service firm? Successfully marketing a small business is hard work. There are several key skills required to consistently develop new business that you, as a small business owner, must master in order to succeed. The first skill you need to have is the ability to regularly generate qualified leads. You must consistently build your list of prospects if you are to grow your business. Your business will not grow if you market to the same, stagnant population over and over again. While there will be a certain percentage of people who choose to buy from you after repeated contact with your marketing material, the amount who buy will always be limited by the size of the list to which you market. How often do you add to your list of qualified prospects? Continue Reading

Marketing Your Small Business Effectively

Marketing is one of most important factors for a small business. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just well-planned and consistently executed. Although the quality of your goods and services does matter, how you market these matters more. Most of the small business get ups can’t really afford to put in more funds for marketing, apart for the fixed budget each year. However, where marketing is done effectively, sales also increase in direct proportion. And hence, you can afford to pool more funds for marketing. How can you market your business effectively without using too much money? First, you need to build up a plan. There are several things that ought to be considered. Are you providing a regional service? Are you selling goods from home? What is your budget for marketing each month? What is the maximum you can charge for your services per hour? Do you need the Continue Reading