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Do you know exactly what digital marketing means? In its simplest definition digital marketing is using the Internet to advertise your products and services. Here are 10 types of digital marketing you can do to promote your online business.

1. Purchase advertising on a pay per click search engine. For example the largest PPC program is Google Adwords. In a matter of minutes you can be on page 1 of the largest search engine in the world once your campaign is set up.

2. Take out a classified ad in an e-zine. An excellent way for you to get the word out about your Internet products is with email newsletters which have very targeted readers. If you publish an e-zine some of these people could end up subscribing to yours.

3. Blog and social bookmarks your articles. This is a great way to drive traffic to your blog and serve as search engine bait for additional traffic. Target keyword phrases and end up one page one of many different search engines.

4. Hang out in discussion forums and make relevant posts. In your signature file include a link back to your website where people can learn more about you.

5. Build an email marketing list and follow up with its selling products. The larger your list becomes the more potential money you can make doing this form of Internet marketing.

6. Write and submit articles to article directories. In every article you write include a resource box that contains a link back to your website. Do massive article marketing and brand yourself as an internet marketing expert.

7. Trade links with other Internet marketers and do reciprocal linking. Each link trade gives you a backlink to your site and potential visitors from it.

8. Sell your own products which you have created through affiliate marketing programs. As you recruit affiliates they can market your products for you and make you more money.

9. Join a two tier affiliate program and recruit front line affiliates. Earn commissions every time they make a sale.

10. Purchase banner ads on other people’s blogs. A high traffic blog can create all kinds of visitors for your business every time they click on your banner ad.

These are 10 different types of digital marketing you can do to promote your products and services online. The most successful Internet marketers utilise a broad reaching strategy of several of these at one time.